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Ventspils - Hertha. Dear spectators and fans!!!

On Thursday, December 3, "Ventspils" team will play UEFA Europa League match against team of Germany - "Hertha". The match will take place at "Skonto" stadium in Riga. It will start at 22:05 local time. This will be the great challenge!  It means You simply cannot miss such an event!!! You can start buying tickets on the Internet NOW!

Sporting - Ventspils - 1:1. Conquering Europe

On Thursday, November 5, "Ventspils" team played its 4th match in the UEFA Europa league group stage. The yellow-and-blue faced "Sporting" away in Lisbon. The team of Nuncio Zavettieri demonstrated the good level of football and managed to get the well deserved point finishing the match with 1:1. BRAVO, VENTSPILS! The goal for team "Ventspils" was scored by the defender Alessandro Zamperini who headed the ball into the net after the great cross of the midfielder Juris Laizans. "Ventspils" has once again proved that the great European football is no so far from Latvia, and it is possible to achieve success even playing against the clubs with rich history and solid budgets. Now Europe knows the football of the yellow-and-blue, since it is the football of a serious European level.

Ventspils-Sporting-1:2. Five minutes to joy…

Thursday, October 22, FC “Ventspils” played a match in the third round of the UEFA Europe League. The triple champion of Latvia in Riga hosted Portuguese super-club “Sporting” from Lisbon. The favourite of the meeting has gained a victory with 2:1, pulling out three points just five minutes prior to a final whistle - outcome of the struggle was solved by magnificent distant blow of halfback Joao Moutinho. Very insulting defeat! Yellow-and-blue have performed fine in the match, especially in the second half. The goalscorer of "Ventspils" is the halfback Juris Laizans who has executed an excellent penalty shot. Once again the team of Nuncio Zavettieri has proved that the serious European level is within its range – bravo, "Ventspils"!

Ventspils - Heerenveen - 0:0. We are the force in UEL

On Thursday, October 1, "Ventspils" played the second match in the  UEFA Europa League group stage. The yellow-and-blue faced the Dutch team "Heerenveen" in Riga at "Skonto" stadium. The match was very intense and both teams demonstrated the solid European football, however the final result was 0:0. It is great to say that "Ventspils" was not just kicking the ball away from its defense, but the yellow-and-blue could even be sad that they did not manage to win the match. We are becomming the force in Europe! After two matches "Ventspils" holds the second place in the group, leaving the first place to the mighty "Sporting" from Portugal.

Olimps - Ventspils - 0:2. Vishnyakov junior - double!

On Sunday, September 20, "Ventspils" team played the Latvian championship match away in Riga against team "Olimps". Latvian champions won a confident victory by 2:0. The two goals were scored by the striker Eduard Vishnyakov, who scored his first goals for "Ventspils". Junior, this is how the teammates call him! "Ventspils" defender Alessandro Dzamperini had his debut in the Latvian championship! Go, go "Ventspils"!

Hertha - Ventspils - 1:1. Great yellow-and-blue show

On Thursday, September 17, "Ventspils" team played the first historical group stage match in Europa League. The three times Champions of Latvia played the away match in Berlin versus team "Hertha". The first match was perfect - draw 1:1. The goal scorer in team "Ventspils" was the forward Edgar Gaurach. Except for the perfect result, the yellow-and-blue demonstrated the wonderful, dynamic and qualitative football. Great job! Go, go "Ventspils"!  

Europa League. We face Sporting, Herenveen and Hertha

On Friday, August 28, the Eiropa League draw took place in Monaco. This is the firs time in the history when the Latvian football club is represented in the group stage of Eurocups. And this football club is "Ventspils"! The "Ventspils" will face the following teams in the group stage: "Sporting" (Portugal, Lisbon), "Herenveen" (Netherlands) and "Hertha" (Germany, Berlin).The first match will be on September 17.

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